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Dr. Greg Goggin from Darwin Chiropractor - NT Chiropractic

Dr. Greg Goggin


Dr Greg has been dedicated to helping families of Darwin optimise their health since opening NT Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre in 2011.

Chiropractic care became an integral part of Greg’s life as a child. His mother suffered severe headaches for many years, which added strain to the family. It was a chiropractor that helped his mother regain her health.

Since experiencing the value of chiropractic care from a young age, Greg’s health improved, while others around him were frequently ill. After experiencing the power of chiropractic care, he decided to become a chiropractor himself so that he could help others heal naturally.

As a family man, Greg loves helping families experience vibrant health. Greg’s passion for the link between the nervous system and health has led him to study all over the world. His purpose for doing so is to be able to provide the best possible outcomes for his patients above anything else.

Dr. Sheree Moore from Darwin Chiropractor - NT Chiropractic

Dr. Sheree Moore


Growing up in country Victoria, Dr Sheree has lived an active lifestyle, playing sport to the highest level. It was at an early age that she found chiropractic helped her stay healthy and achieve peak performance. So much so that she decided to become a Chiropractor!

Today Dr Sheree applies this same focus and drive towards seeing her patients get the very best results. She strongly believes that everybody deserves to be functioning at their very best and that we are all athletes one way or another.  All wanting to reach our goals in life. 

"The better your body works, the better your life will be" - Dr Sheree Moore

In her spare time, Sheree enjoys tennis, running, exploring the great outdoors and learning all she can about health. 

Dr. Anita Marcinkowski from Darwin Chiropractor - NT Chiropractic

Dr. Anita Marcinkowski


Dr Anita has devoted her professional career as a chiropractor focused primarily on womens health, pregnancy and paediatric care. 

With extensive post graduate experience and further study surrounding paediatric chiropractic care Dr Anita is very passionate about ensuring children achieve optimal development.